Meet our talented and diverse community of Science and Maths tutors in the UK

We don’t just hire anyone. We have exceptional tutors who are highly skilled in delivering online maths lessons.

All our tutors:

  • Are vetted for excellence in both Maths and online learning
  • Have at least a 2:1 BSc degree or Teaching qualification
  • Have a passion to help you succeed
  • Have enhanced DBS certificate
  • Have great communication skills
  • Are friendly and easy to work with.


  • Cambridge and Imperial College educated
  • 20+ years of maths education experience
  • Experienced Home Educator
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Experience tutoring students in UK, Aus, Middle East, Asia


  • 19 years teaching experience
  • Bsc Mathematics & Psychology (Hons) and PGCE in Secondary Mathematicsteaching/tutoring Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Examination Marker for Edexcel
  • Uses a Growth Mindset approach to help students reach their potential


  • BSC (Hons) in Mathematics
  • Qualified UK teacher, with 20+ years’ teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Examiner experience with UK exam boards
  • Mathematics content writer for UK and international educational publishers

Thuy Nhi

  • BSc in Mathematics from Exeter University
  • Six years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Passionate about Maths
  • Highly motivated and results-focused


  • 1st class Bsc Hons in Natural Science
  • Msc at University of Oxford
  • 5 years teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Adaptable, patient and friendly
  • Specialising in Biology & Chemistry Year 7 to year 13


  • 3 years of tutoring experience
  • Maths olympiad winner
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Teaching 11+ and GCSEs
  • Interactive and engaging tutor


  • First Class honours degree in Mathematics
  • 10 years of tutoring experience.
  • Resource provider at ExamSolutions
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​CPD accredited – Online safety
  • Portfolio of over 200 testimonials

Ruby Ngoc

  • First Class honours Degree in BSc Mathematics (UCL)
  • 6 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​A Gold in the Mathematical Challenge
  • A Certificate of Distinction in Senior British Mathematical Olympiad


  • First Class Honours Education Degree in PE and Maths
  • 20 Years Teaching Experience in Primary and Secondary Settings
  • Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Trained
  • Confidence, Skills and Exam Technique
  • Patient and Flexible Approach


  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Bsc Business, Technology and Mathematics
  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​25 years experience of teaching mathematics


  • Mathematics Graduate with Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Accomplished online teacher
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Lead Teacher of Mathematics for A-Level Mathematics
  • Lead Teacher of Mathematics for Students with Special Educational Needs


  • BSc Teacher of Mathematics
  • 30 years of teaching experience
  • BPhil Social-emotional and Behaviour Difficulties ( Special Pedagogue)
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Track record of improving GCSE student’s grades by 15% in 2 weeks.


  • BSc in Mathematics and Construction
  • Passionate Maths tutor for over 10 years with 1,000 + hours of maths tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • All ages and KS1 to KS5
  • Fun and interactive bespoke lessons with proven success rate


  • Professional mathematician.
  • 15+ years of tutoring experience.
  • Oxbridge entry and STEP Exam preparation.
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate tuition.
  • Able to deliver bespoke courses on specialist topics.


  • First Class Science Graduate
  • Experienced Tutor with over 5 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Worked with students from as far as Dubai, Malaysia and Russia.
  • Previously a Graduate Examiner for a major UK exam board


  • First Class honours mathematics undergraduate at Imperial College
  • Specialises in A Level Maths and Further Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Knows pi to 200 decimal places
  • Great at explaining concepts from multiple angles


  • Over 25 years’ experience and success.
  • Deep insight and knowledge of the curriculum.
  • Ability to diagnose misconceptions in student thinking.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Unrivalled clarity of explanation


  • First Class honours mathematics undergraduate at Warwick University
  • 2+ years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Speciliases in GCSE and A level Maths
  • Track record of helping students achieve their target grades.


  • 10 years teaching experience in the classroom and tutoring
  • Specialising in students with SEMH
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Extensive experience of UK Primary and Secondary maths curriculum
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in delivering high quality online lessons


  • 2000 hours of private tuition
  • 5 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​BSc degree in Mechanical engineering
  • Teaching all levels including 11+,13+ GCSEs/IGCSEs, A-Levels and IB

Michael C

  • PhD in Physical Chemistry
  • Qualified UK teacher (PGCE)
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​20+ years of teaching and tutoring.
  • Specialise in confidence building.


  • QTS qualified maths teacher
  • KS4 Maths lead
  • Extensive experience working with SEN studnts
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • 10 years tutoring experience


  • Masters degree in Mathematics
  • First Class degree in Mathematics
  • Enhanced DBS certified
  • 5 years of tutoring experience
  • GCSE and A level specialist

Michael J

  • Msc in Mathematics
  • 7 Years of the teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Analysis
  • Communication

Dr Raman

  • B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA., MTM., PGDMM., Ph.D.(HC) degree qualifications
  • 17 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Passionate for education and continuous learning
  • Motivator and mentor


  • Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education
  • UK Qualified Teacher Status
  • 14 years Teaching Experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Enthusiastic and Engaging Tutor


  • First Class Honours Degree Bachelors of Dental Surgery
  • Experience with 11+ and 13+ exams
  • Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Trained
  • Organised
  • Problem Solving


  • BSc Accounting & Finance from the LSE
  • GDip in Mathematics with Merit, University of London
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Accounting Examiner for University of Cambridge
  • 5 Years professional tutoring experience (11+ – A-Level)


  • First Class Honours Degree Bachelors in Engineering
  • Certificate for professional qualification of teaching in Mathematics and Informatics
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​9+ years of teaching and tutoring.
  • Teaching Sat’s, 11+ and 13+


  • First Class degree in Economics
  • 15 years teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Head of Department
  • Expert at engaging all ages and abilities online

Adam C

  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education
  • BSc Mathematics with Honours
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Experienced and passionate teacher and tutor
  • Deep understanding of misconceptions in learning maths


  • MSc in Mathematics and PG certificate in Actuarial Science
  • 10 years of experience teaching A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​PGCE in Secondary School Mathematics
  • 4 years experience as an exam content writer for the NCUK exam board


  • 7 years tutoring experience
  • BSc (Hons) Optometry
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Teaching 11+ Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Teaching KS2, KS3 and GCSE Maths


  • MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Have volunteered with children with special needs for 7 years
  • MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol
  • Passionate about educating the younger generation


  • First-class Oxford University graduate with 10 years of teaching experience
  • Primary maths specialist and content writer for AirMaths
  • Extensive experience preparing students for End of KS2 tests and Common Entrance exams.
  • Passionate about creating engaging resources that enthuse, inspire and challenge students.
  • Excellent knowledge of UK curriculum and effective teaching pedagogies.


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Expert in all entrance exams and SAT maths
  • Teaching KS3, KS4, KS5 as well as GCSEs O, A level and IBs


  • 25 years experience
  • Taught at levels for primary to A level
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Know how to meet the needs of the pupils
  •  I am good at helping and supporting students to solve problems, such as homework and assignments.


  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Over 25 years experience teaching/tutoring Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Specialist in GCSE, IGCSE, & Functional Skills Maths
  • Experience as an OCR Maths Examiner


  • Chartered Rocket Scientist Engineer (CEng) with over 17 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching all levels including KS1-4, 11+ exams, IGCSE, IAL.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Experienced External maths examiner, marked over 10,000+ papers.
  • Extensive Experience of Online teaching through interactive online tools


  • 1st class honours undergraduate in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Completed over 1000+ hours of tutoring
  • Over 3 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Recipient of an Award from the Senior Mathematics Challange(UKMT)


  • Chartered mathematician and OFQUAL subject to expert for mathematics.
  • 25 years experience teaching and tutoring.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Educated to Masters level.
  • Specialise in GCSE, Functional Skills, IGCSE, and A level.


  • 10 years tutoring experience
  • BSc Mathematics with Economics Graduate
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • KS3, KS4 and KS5 specialist
  • Willing to go above and beyond to help you


  • First Class MMath Graduate from University of Nottingham
  • PhD Student in Mathematics
  • Enhanced DBS certified
  • Specialises in A Level and Undergraduate Mathematics Tuition
  • Enthusiastic and Passionate about all areas of Mathematics and Physics


  • First Class Master’s in Chemistry  
  • Qualified Teacher Status in secondary level mathematics 
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​5+ years of tutoring experience 
  • Unrivalled ability to engage and motivate 

Muhammad A

  • PGCE and Masters degree in Mathematics Education
  • A-Level Mathematics Examiner for Edexcel
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Rated Outstanding by Ofsted
  • Graduate of London School of Economics


  • BSC (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics
  • Qualified UK teacher, with 12 years’ teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • 20+ years of creating engaging maths resources for the classroom
  • Aptitude for developing skills and confidence in students of all abilities


  • Head of Science Department
  • Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Trained
  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • Examiner for GCSE Science with deep insight and knowledge of the curriculum
  • Track record of improving GCSE & A Level students’ grades by 20% in 3-4 weeks


  • 2 years of online tutoring experience in M
  • Studied A-level Maths, Futher Maths, Physics, and Spanish and achieved A* in A level maths.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Undergraduate student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in London.
  • Passionate about maths and its uses in the real world