Online Maths Tutor

I have a total of over 25 years of Maths teaching experience.  For the first 12 years I was a
classroom Maths teacher.  My reputation grew quickly due to my outstanding results, and I
was made Head of Maths after only 6 years.  I stepped back from the full-time schoolwork
to give more time to my music and subsequently I worked for the next 10 years as a one-to-
one Maths Support Teacher at the prestigous private school Bedales.
I believe that the mixture of whole class and individual work I have done has given me a
unique insight into the learning of Mathematics and the workings of the student’s mind. A
former line manager of mine once remarked that it was ‘as if I could see inside their minds’,
such was my insight into the needs of the student.
Alongside the depth of subject knowledge gained from my long experience, I have two other
gifts to which I attribute my success: incredible patience and clarity of explanation.