Online Maths Tutor

I am a Master in Education and hold a BSc in Business, Technology, and Mathematics. I have 25 years of experience teaching mathematics in Secondary schools as well as private tutoring. I tutor international students on-line that wish to follow the British National Curriculum. I also have experience tutoring students who are working towards their 11 + examination. My knowledge and involvement with mathematics over the years have led me into writing step by step guides to maths topics, schemes of work, puzzles, lessons, and examination type questions. A lot of my writing is student-driven as once I understand their strengths and areas for development, I can write accordingly which is great for my own continuous professional development. Basically, I just love playing around with numbers.

Outside of my work even my hobbies include maths, I am a keen cyclist which involves speed, distance, time, and gradients (I try not to think to much about the uphill ones!!). I am also a mountaineer which sometimes means being geographically misplaced, but taking bearings and understanding scale helps me get home. It is these life experiences that help me in my teaching and writing of mathematics. Student’s own life experiences also help to give me ideas to put across concepts in a way they enjoy and can understand.