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We hire the best tutors to support our cause

We Love Maths

Here at Air Maths Tuition, we love maths!

Our love for maths is inspiring and infectious, but we know that all our students won't be bitten by the love bug!

We are very realistic, but our goal is to change the way in which students learn and engage with maths and give them the tools to realise that they are capable of achieving grades far beyond expectations!

So far, we have been extremely successful.

The Problem

One of the common issues we see recurring with students is that they don't understand their school notes.

Ever written notes about a topic and then have to answer a question that looks like it was written in another language?

Our Solution

At Air Maths Tuition, we see those gaps and we realise that students need consistency and clarity in their notes.

This has inspired us to spend time to extract the noise and try our best to deliver this through our teaching and resources.

We take extreme pride in the content we create and find that students highly appreciate our very unique and honest approach.

The Personal Touch

We provide a personal touch to tuition by  providing regular feedback in the form of our hand marked homework and monthly progress reports.

Here at Air Maths Tuition, we work exclusively for our students.

This is a place where students get their questions answered, and we make it our duty to ensure that students are satisfied with our solutions.

The environment we create in our classrooms make it a far more personal experience than expected.