Online safety

We Take Online Safety Seriously

We’re committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding.

Our child protection policies and procedures have been developed alongside our current child protection officers and our site contains a number of built-in features which aim to provide a safe educational environment.

These include the following provisions:

We have a link with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Visit their website for more internet safety advice.



Air Maths Tuition (AMT) is committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding. The personal safety and wellbeing of each student and tutor using AMT is paramount.

Our site was developed with the aim of ensuring that online Lessons take place in a safe environment. This is reflected in a number of key built-in features and defined a set of policies and procedures for the students, parents/responsible adults and tutors who use this service.

Legislative Framework/Related Policies :

These policies and procedures aim to ensure that all persons using the AMT services can do so safely within child safeguarding standards and UK law. These policies should be read in conjunction with the AMT Terms and Conditions and the procedures.


The aim of this policy is to safeguard all students and other persons using AMT system whilst they are within an Online Lesson.

This policy document contains the responsibilities of all persons using AMT, including tutors, students, parents (responsible adults) and teachers.

It is important that all persons using or working on behalf of AMT are aware of this policy and have familiarised themselves with the detailed safeguarding procedures.

This policy should be read and understood before engaging in any activity arranged through AMT and the responsibilities and procedures therein adhered to. Contravention of the policy document could lead to suspension and/or barring from the services.

General Information

Registration of Tutors :

The tutor’s e-mail address is the companies address and all communications to the tutors will go via this email address.

AMT conducts a video interview with all tutors as part of the selection process and will request photo identification documents (such as a passport or driving licence). AMT will only transfer payment to tutors holding a verified personal bank account.

AMT has a process of continual ratings via our online survey and rating system which takes place after every lesson. AMT encourages students and parents to provide feedback about the tutors. This enables us a to improve our services and give prospective students and parents/responsible adults the best possible experience. (also see Tutor Policy).


The contents of all communications between tutors, parents and students will go via the website(live chat) or AMT’s email in order to preserve anonymity of the student to the tutor.

Any tutor employed by AMT will not be aware of the email address of the student or parent/responsible adult and will not be able to communicate with them directly. The tutor will not be able to initiate first email contact with parents or students.

All email communication between tutor and student will be copied to the parent/responsible adult (or school/school representative where appropriate).

All personal details about the student and parents, including contact address and phone number, will remain private and confidential and will not be available to the tutor.

All data held by AMT is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Recording of sessions

All Online Lessons will be recorded and normally[1] available for play back(via our student dashboard) to the parents and students who are members. As these videos will be published on the website for members, we exclude recordings group work. The recordings remain the property of AMT.

AMT may review any sessions where a report has been made by any person using AMT for the purpose of investigating the report.

AMT will allow access to UK law enforcement of any recording where it is reported a criminal offence may have occurred in relation to a specific session (also see AMT Terms and Conditions).

Roles and Responsibilities of persons using Air Maths Tuition

The Tutor

Any tutor employed by AMT shall:

The Student

Students can register with the service but cannot start using the service until a sponsor/parent/guardian/carer over the age of 18 has formally registered and agreed to be the formal sponsor and to hold legal relationship with the site.

The student shall:

Parent/Responsible adult

The parent/responsible adult shall :

School and Teachers/school Representative (if session is within school hours and on school premises)

For the purpose of this policy document a ‘responsible adult’ includes teachers and school representatives.
The school and teachers or school representative shall:

Be aware that all Online Lessons will be recorded and made available for play back to the teachers and students for duration of membership of AMT.
If the Online Lesson session has been arranged by the school but takes place outside school hours and away from school premises, it is the responsibility of the school to make the appropriate parent/responsible adult aware of the Safeguarding Policy and that both parties agree their safeguarding responsibilities.

Director/Management of AMT Services

The Director/Management of AMT shall:


All persons using the AMT services have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding Policy.

Any tutor reported for a breach of the Safeguarding Policy will be suspended from the site until the incident has been investigated by the appropriate authority. The reporter may be informed of the resolution if appropriate.

The final decision on action taken for minor breaches of the Safeguarding Policy will be the responsibility of AMT.

Any person reported for illegal activity whilst using the AMT services will be reported to police and will be barred from the service.

12.5 Any person reported for causing harm to a student or subjecting the student to sexual abuse will be reported to police and barred from the service.


The Safeguarding Policy and procedures will be reviewed by AMT on a regular basis to ensure it is adequate and relevant to safeguarding standards.

Excluding any unforeseen malfunction of the recording equipment, in which case a recording of a session may not be available.