School Partnerships

Our partnership program provides maths support for UK and international schools teaching the British Curriculum System. We help your students surpass the national average.

School Intervention Programme

Even the most experienced teachers can struggle under pressure. As your partner, we will work closely with your Mathematics department to create and execute a tailor-made plan for your students. We’ll fill the gaps where necessary and work with challenging students to inspire a passion for maths.

School Diagnostics

In addition to individual and group student support, we also provide school diagnostics. Our wealth of experience means we can help you analyse classroom weakness and provide solutions and objectives.

Are your teachers struggling with the transition to online learning? Our Mastery programme by Atul Rana will help them bridge the gap and create engaging online lessons.

We go the extra mile to support comprehensive and Alternative Provision schools. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Revision Material

As your partner, we’ll give you access to reams of free revision material for your students, created by the leading maths experts at ExamSolutions. These ready-made revision sheets, checklists and videos free up your teachers’ time to focus on other areas.

Transparency and Reporting

When you work with us, what you see is what you get. We’re completely transparent at all times, providing you with regular reporting on students’ progress and attendance.