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How We Work

Keeping up with maths can be hard at the best of times. In the current situation, it’s harder than ever.

But it doesn’t have to be! Air Maths students have moved up sets and boosted their grades while gaining a lifelong passion for maths. Spark your child’s interest with our expert tuitio n, geared towards both building their confidence and improving their results.

One to one tutoring
Group tutoring
Exam tutoring
Topic learning

One to one tutoring

One to One Tutoring

We take on the one to one tuition for you, expertly tailoring it to the needs of your child.

Not only that, we make it interesting, challenging…and fun. Out of the confines of the classroom, many of our students have discovered a passion for maths that’s helped them ace their exams and go on to successful math-related careers. Simply tell us what you think needs improving and we’ll match your child with an expert tutor. Our 100% matching rate means we get it right every time.

Before they get started, your tutor will assess your child’s current level and create lessons based on their needs. Lessons take place at a time convenient for you.

Group tutoring

Group Tutoring

Is your child suffering from ‘I hate math-itis’? At Air Maths, we make learning fun, so that our students develop the passion and confidence to hit those higher grades. Our engaging group maths classes allow your child to study alongside their friends using a virtual learning environment. In these interactive lessons we follow the British course curriculum, while retaining our flexibility to focus on students’ areas of difficulties. We challenge using quizzes and games and all lessons can be watched back at any time.

Exam Tutoring

Exam Tutoring

With schools closed, it’s not surprising that you’re worried about your child falling behind or failing their assessments. Cancelled exams mean more assessments, assignments and homework, and we can help your child pass these with flying colours.

Topic Learning

Topic Learning

If there’s a particular topic your child just can’t get their head around, we can help. Our expert tutors will hone in on problems and demonstrate how to solve them. They’ll use typical exam questions to demonstrate model solutions. Learn more.

Home Schooling Help

Didn’t plan on becoming a teacher this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Home schooling

In the current climate, we’ve all had to adapt. We understand how difficult it must be to balance work and home schooling, and we’re here to help. As the number one provider for maths home education, we specialise in helping students get top grades from home. We tailor our tuition to your child’s needs, ensuring they keep up with their class or set and even discover a love of maths that will propel them forward when they return to the classroom. Our interactive classes are structured to reflect students’ interests, while our personalised approach lets us understand their specific needs.

Safety is our top priority – we pre-screen every student and background check every tutor.

Buddy Up Lessons

In recent months, we’ve seen that learning with a friend is a great way to encourage interaction, engagement, and ultimately, perform well. Not only that, it makes studying fun, creates a routine and builds a team spirit that sees students tackling problems enthusiastically among their peers. Our new Buddy Up lessons allow you to create your own online classroom for your child at our cheapest rates of £10/hr, working with students they already know and are comfortable with. You’ll also be able to choose your own time slots for lessons. We require a minimum of 2 students to set up your class. 

  • Refer 1 student and start your class at £15/hr 
  • Refer 2 other students and start your class at £10/hr 

My tutor was amazing. She explained everything so clearly and allowed me to work at my own pace. I would recommend Air Maths to anyone who wants to improve in maths and get good grades.

GCSE Student – Class of 2019