We are moving!

Great news for students and parents! AirMaths, the leading tuition platform, is now officially a part of ExamSolutions, the premier provider of online tutoring and educational resources. This exciting change will transform the way students learn and reach their academic goals.

With the integration of state-of-the-art technology, ExamSolutions will have the ability to predict student grades and provide customized recommendations for tutors or interactive learning resources based on factors such as budget, learning style, and personality. This will give students a unique and personalized education experience that is both effective and affordable.

For parents, the process of finding the perfect tutor for their child has never been simpler. With ExamSolutions, they can quickly and easily match their child with a tutor that fits their budget, learning style, and personality. No more searching for hours – ExamSolutions takes care of everything for you.

We are thrilled to offer this enhanced experience to our students and parents.

Visit our website at examsolutions.net and examsolutions.net/tutors for more information and to find the perfect tutor for your child today!