Frequently Asked

Transparency is one of our core

Is online learning the right option for me?

Research shows that online learning improves engagement with the topic and from our experience we feel that you actually get more out of a tutor online. It provides a convenient and flexible alternative to tutoring at home, allowing you digital access to several useful resources and videos.

Where do classes take place and how do I join a class?

Our classes take place on a mobile or desktop app called Zoom which has become a popular software for online teaching.

We will invite you to a class by sending a link which you will receive via email about 10 minutes before your lesson begins.

We recommend that you download the Zoom app in order maximise your user experience, however you can join a lesson by simply clicking the invitation link we send and opening through your browser.

Who will be in my classroom?

You will be sharing a class with A level Maths and GCSE students only, who are studying your exam board. We try to match students from the same school, and based on their academic level. Part of the verification process when signing on is ensuring that all student IDs are legitimate.

How many people will be in my classroom?

A typical classroom size ranges between 3-6 students. We create a far more personal environment than schools, giving you the opportunity to anonymously ask questions via Zoom chat and polling system. This way, you can feel more comfortable in the class.

The size of our classes are the right number to effeciently keep track of how students learn via groupwork exercises, understand each students' needs individually and develop a strong working relationship.

Do I have to work in a group?

No, students can work completely independently if they choose to.

Will I be seen by other students?

Only by choice. Part of our safeguarding policy is to ensure student's identification and data is protected. Therefore, we mute microphones and switch off cameras before the lesson, giving students the option to enable these themselves at their will.

How does the polling system work?

Students will be given the option to select a question that they would like to be answered. Our expertise and experience means that we generally know the questions that students commonly ask and we are therefore able to preset these correctly. Usually, we are able to answer most questions. However, any questions not answered will be covered in the weekly lecture notes. Alternatively, we answer maths related questions via email or 24/7 live chat to ONLY our students.

IB and Foundation students?

We run IB and Foundation programme similar to Edexcel, AQA & OCR and OCR but we do not yet run them as an academy. We offer one-to-one and smaller group tuition for our IB and Foundation students. To arrange a booking, please contact us.

How do I pay?

We only take payment online. You can pay securely via paypal or bank transaction.

Do you set homework?

Yes we do set homework at the end of each week. Students will be given a week to submit their homework online. Their homework will be hand marked by the class tutor and we will provide as much feedback as possible.

Do you provide one-off lessons?

We generally do not but please speak to a member of the team and we may be able to provide an exception depending on the time and circumstance.

How does 24/7 service work?

We help all students all over the world achieve success in Mathematics. Due to the difference in time zones, we provide 24 hours support via our live members chat,email and Whatsapp. Here, our students can ask topic specific questions outside tuition hours and make requests for the topic they want covered during the lesson. We also answer any general enquiries that students or potential students may have.

Email us at

How soon can I see results?

There are no quick fixes to most things in life. It takes time, discipline and consistency to see results. However, we can ensure that we will play our part and keep track of the progress of each student on a monthly basis. 90% of our students have told us that they saw a noticeable difference in their confidence and understanding after just 5 hours of studying with us.

What if my child misses a lesson?

Our students gain access to view all lessons they have missed. They have the opportunity to view missed lessons and notes which can be found in their student dashboard. There is no 24 hour cancellation policy which means you will not have to pay if your child misses the lesson.

How do I pay?

We only take payment online. You can pay securely via paypal or bank transaction.

How many hours do you recommend per week?

From our experience, we recommend that each student joins us for at least 2-3 hours per week. We encourage students to take part in our live lessons as they are highly interactive and will help your child engage with the course.

Is there a 24 hour cancellation policy?

No. For any plan you choose, you will not be charged any additional fees if you miss or cancel a lesson at late notice.

View our plans.

Who do I need to inform if my child can't attend a lesson?

You do not need to inform any of our staff, as we register attendance to online classes automatically. We keep a close eye on attendance and will inform the relevant sponsor if a student misses more than 10 lessons in a row.

Is my child safe online?

As all our operations are online, we take the online saftey of our students very seriously. -We are a completely transparent organisation. -We verify the status of each student by confirming with their schools. -All of our videos and conversations are recorded for monitoring purposes. -We ensure that all tutors of Air Maths Tuition hold an enhances DBS certificate and an accredited safeguarding certificate. -We have a safeguarding lead to report any issues and students can report any issues they have.

For more information please view our online safety and procedures.