Online mathematics teacher

It has always been my dream to become a teacher. I have been a teacher for over 14 years and over the years I have developed a passion for teaching mathematics. I currently hold a Bachelor of Education where I majored in mathematics. I specialize in GCSE mathematics and have tutored many students who completed their exams successfully. I have also tutored primary school students doing 11+ maths and SATs.

As a mathematics teacher, I am constantly faced with students who have negative attitudes towards maths. I apply several strategies to motivate students as well as incorporate games and technology in my sessions to make them more interesting. Mathematics is a powerful tool for interpreting the world and thus a critical subject in schools. I try to instill in my students a love for the subject by linking mathematics concepts to their real-life experiences.

As a tutor, I also think it is important to get to know students and build a good relationship with them. This is the foundation to bring about learning. If students are comfortable with me then they are more likely to understand what I teach. They will be able to ask questions more freely and have discussions about their learning. . I am patient and try to explain concepts as simple as possible so students can understand.
I am very enthusiastic about maths and will bring energy and fun to every maths session. I look forward to working with you, so you too can see the beauty of maths!