Michael J

Online Maths Tutor

Online Maths Tutor: Michael Bassford, M.Sc.

I have 7 years of experience teaching Maths, Chemistry, Economics, Statistics, Science and English, following the UK curriculum and I have 4 years of experience teaching Maths and Science online to students of all ages and levels.
I have taught Maths to many A level students and helped them perform well in their exams. I have assisted students that are not strong in Maths to improve their grades and students that are capable to ace their exams. I have received positive feedback from parents, recognizing my patience, enthusiasm, and my ability to explain clearly even the most difficult of concepts. My main strength as a teacher is that I can adapt the lesson to the level and needs of each student.
I have also assisted University students in the UK, Spain, and Greece to achieve their desired grades and helped sight-impaired students with their Maths and English. In 2015 and 2017 I worked as a teacher’s assistant in for my Ph.D. supervisor in my University, assisting students with their assignments and exercises while explaining the theory of the lesson(Linear Algebra and Probability Theory).
Teaching is a fantastic way to impact someone’s life positively. Knowing that I have helped students progress in their lives and reach their goals is truly a wonderful feeling and that is what makes teaching great.