Online Maths Tutor

A passionate, inspirational and experienced Maths tutor who enjoys enabling their students to reach their full potential and give them the confidence to go above and beyond.

My classes comprise of a mix of school curriculum-based questions and mathematical games. I believe this combination works effectively as the school-based questions reflect what questions are likely to come up in an exam and I help them with how they would approach those questions. Whilst the games are actively making them associate where they are/what they are doing with the maths knowledge.
I ensure this practice continues after the lesson by setting the students homework, which the student or parent then sends me after completion, it is marked, and we then discuss what can be improved.

Before the Covid situation, I would visit students in their home, but as you can appreciate due to Covid this is not practical at present.
All of my current students use Zoom, Skype and it`s going well. I use a whiteboard app and other online tools.

As a parent of a 20 year old daughter, I have the skills needed to encourage and give confidence to children and know what motivates them!
Also, having worked with Beaver Scouts for many years, I have the patience to deal with active and easily-distracted children!

My degree was achieved through the Open University, studying part-time whilst working full-time.
I am a Senior Data Analyst for a local authority, working with numbers and calculations all day.