22 March 2020

What to do about Coronavirus – GCSE and A level Maths Students & Schools

The Coronavirus has been something we have never seen. It has affected many of us in ways that we could have never predicted. And at the present state, we are unsure of whether things are likely to become better or worse.

5 March 2020

Time To Step Up A-Level & GCSE Maths Revision

The time has come to step up both GCSE maths revision and A-Level maths revision. With a little more than 2 months left before these 2 big maths exam, you should be well underway with preparation. Maths revision can be hard work and might mean making sacrifices.

20 February 2020

The Value of Maths Videos

Many will remember where they were when news broke of the assassination of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in 1963. And in 1969, the moon landing was also an iconic moment. In South Africa, families huddled around their household ‘wireless’ to hear the events unfold.

13 February 2020

Online Tutoring Showcase: Maths and Biology

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an online tutor? Will an online tutor actually help me or my child? Which tutor is the best? Well, we decided to get Nicky an online biology tutor from Tweedle Tuition and Michael an Online tutor from Air Maths Tuition to show you what it would […]

6 February 2020


I am Stuart Sidders, the guy who started ExamSolutions and produces all the video tutorials for AS and A-Level students. But things are about to change! I have partnered up with Michael at AirMaths Tuition who is going to be drawing on his expertise as an online tutor to help the site expand over the […]

29 January 2020

GCSE Maths Edexcel Exam

With GCSE exams starting in only a few months, tension is mounting. Social media seems to be flooded with requests for last-minute tutors and support. In this blog we’d like to expand a bit on the GCSE Maths Edexcel topics you would need to master to get the best results you can.We even include a […]

24 January 2020

How to prove your teachers wrong in 2020

In this guest blog, Deana a GCSE Maths Tutor and Presenter shares her perspective about school teachers and gives students advice on how to cope with GCSEs and school pressures. We hope you enjoy! Teachers ey? You have the ones you love, the ones you hate, the annoying ones, the funny ones, the unpredictably moody […]

22 January 2020

How problem-solving in Maths can help you be more successful

Problem-solving is one of those life skills that you can’t really get along without. For most, their first introduction to learning these is through problem-solving in Maths. Not only do these skills help us achieve good grades for the subject, but they can help make life a little less complicated. To accomplish this, not only […]

12 January 2020

Is GCSE Maths Past Papers the best way to revise 2020?

The first blog of the year 2020 and I feel compelled to talk about GCSE Maths. Specifically GCSE Maths past papers. When it comes to GCSE Maths, there are several ways to revise and several resources out there that you can use to pass your exams. One of the ways the best way is to […]

10 January 2020

My journey to becoming an Online A-level Biology Tutor

Hi, I’m Nicky Tweedle and I would like to share my experiences which led to me becoming an Online A-level Biology Tutor My passion for biology started as an A-level student many years ago and led to me studying at the University of Liverpool and graduating in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) Microbiology. At the […]

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