Online Tutoring Showcase: Maths and Biology

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an online tutor? Will an online tutor actually help me or my child? Which tutor is the best?

Well, we decided to get Nicky an online biology tutor from Tweedle Tuition and Michael an Online tutor from Air Maths Tuition to show you what it would be like to learn new things from the comfort of your home. Watch this video below.

How does online tutoring work?

Well, just as it is necessary to have a pen and calculator before you go to your exam or other classes. It is equally as important to have a stable internet connection for online tutoring.  Having a stable connection will not only ensure that the lessons run smoothly, but will also ensure that we as tutors are able to deliver help and feedback in a seamless and natural way.

Can you learn from online tutoring?

Yes, you really learn!

As you’ll see from the video, you needed no prior knowledge of standard deviation to find out what it is and how to calculate standard deviation.

We were able to get GCSE and A level course curriculum notes up an online whiteboard, thanks to online tools we have which will help to support your learning. Having a good tutor to clearly explain concepts and areas you don’t understand will no doubt help you to learn! A combination of the good teaching and technology, will not only help you to learn more efficiently but will also make you look forward to your next lesson!

Also, I’m not sure if you noticed, but there is a lot more focus on the work when it’s up on the big screen and the tutor is analysing and annotating keywords for you. It helps drastically.

How do I get into my online lesson?

The whole point of having technology is to use it to our advantage. Here is a video showing you how easy it is to get into a lesson.


Can I ask questions in class?

We view online tutoring as a more of a working relationship than a lecture. We encourage all our students to ask as many questions as possible and we will not only answer them, but sturcture subsequent lessons to meet their needs.

Our lessons are made to encourage you to interact, engage and perform Read our FAQs for more information.

From Michael and Nicky,  they have loads more they would like to share with you. So stay tuned – more videos to come…

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