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Our tutors focus on developing understanding, building confidence, and creating a safe, friendly learning environment.

*95% of our students achieve grades A to B in their exams.

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  • What to do about Coronavirus – GCSE and A level Maths Students & Schools
    The Coronavirus has been something we have never seen. It has affected many of us in ways that we could have never predicted. And at the present state, we are unsure of whether things are likely to become better or worse.
  • Time To Step Up A-Level & GCSE Maths Revision
    The time has come to step up both GCSE maths revision and A-Level maths revision. With a little more than 2 months left before these 2 big maths exam, you should be well underway with preparation. Maths revision can be hard work and might mean making sacrifices.
  • The Value of Maths Videos
    Many will remember where they were when news broke of the assassination of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in 1963. And in 1969, the moon landing was also an iconic moment. In South Africa, families huddled around their household ‘wireless’ to hear the events unfold.

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