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"Our mission is to help students improve performance and results, drastically"


What Happy Students and Parents Says..

Was really struggling with A Level Maths especially with understanding some concepts. Air Maths Tuition helped me so much to improve my maths. Mike’s teaching style was easy to follow and he always pushed me further with more difficult questions. Would definitely recommend!

Anureet Kaur

I was recommended Air Maths Tuition by one of the teachers at Cardinal Wiseman. Children enjoy their lessons and I have noticed a rapid progression on my own son's Maths level. Definetely recommended it.

Alonso Dupuy

My son (15) could not have benefitted more from his weekly Math tutoring sessions. I would not just call them excellent tutors ... they Actually deliver Math coaching, instilling both math skills and overall confidence on a personal level! The positive effects teach far beyond the significantly improved Math results. My son now confidently performs in the top set at his London Day School in which competition is steep. Thank you Mike, for you invaluable support.

Antje Kiewell

Ruby, one of the AirMaths tutors is wonderful. She has helped my daughter in year 3 start to enjoy maths and she is gradually becoming more confident with it all. I couldn't be more pleased.

TaraYear 3 mum

I called Michael as I was desperate for a maths teacher, he found a suitable time for James as he plays football every day and took us through the steps of what he wants to see James achieved. James was buzzing after the 1st lesson. He is now looking forward to the future lessons thanks Michael you are a great teacher. I will surely recommend you to anyone.

Lola Idris-Debayo

"Michael is a fantastic tutor. He's really clear and makes the lessons enjoyable. I don't know how he's managed it but my daughter loves working with him. When I go into her room and see that she is doing maths without me asking her, it takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I would recommend him for anyone. "

Lynne,Mother of GCSE Maths student in Northampton

"I was recommended to Michael by a family friend. Our son, James has always been strong with maths, but I was looking for a tutor to make sure that he had covered everything necessary to perform to our expectations. James said tuition helped him substantially and realise details and new exam techniques that he didn't know before. "

AnilFather of GCSE (Higher) Maths student in Birmingham.

Air Maths tutoring is a fantastic platform. I highly recommend this service.

HaroonLaila's Dad

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Ever since my daughter joined air maths tuition a few months ago she is enjoying the lessons and Michael is making a level maths easier. I recommend everyone to join his classes as it is good value and beneficial in the long term.

RolaA students mum

Airmaths have given me a tutor that I work well with and understand. I'm doing much better in my school assessments since joining Airmaths. I didn't think online tutoring would be as good as it is, but I think I prefer it now.

MaxA GCSE Maths student

"For the sheer amount of lessons we got, the daily support and attention and the rigour in their approach, it seems like a no brainer to choose Air Maths Tuition as a cheaper but quality option.

AlistairFather of A-Level Maths student in Wimbledon (AQA & OCR)

I found AirMaths from the Exam Solutions website and I am very glad I did. They helped me to brush up my skills on topics that I couldn't understand from class or teach myself. It is great value and I would recommend this tuition service to anyone.

AlexA level Student

Air Maths is a great company. They have resources and they have great tutors and its convenient to access both.

Dr LudovicPhd

We have found through Exam Solutions. Awesome coaching. Amazing experience. Highly professional coaching and Mathematically very sound and highly skilled Gentlemen. Many thanks for your excellent coaching and guidance.


Air Maths Tuition (and my tutor, Mike) helped me improve my maths a lot this past year. The online tuition helped me fit it around my schedule, and Mike made sure that I had covered all aspects of the syllabus, allowing me to get the maths grade I needed for uni.

Aaron S.

"The videos are really good and gave me with the convenience of learning at my own pace and in my own time. Everything is so well explained and I would recommend Airmaths to anyone who wants to do well in maths."

SarahA level Maths student from a UK Boarding school (OCR)

My daughter's tutor is preparing Henrietta for the Latymer 11+ exams this year and I'm very happy with how organized, and well-coordinated the lessons are. My daughter also enjoys the experience of online tuition and learning with her tutor at AirMaths.

AndreaMum of 11+ student

Michael is really friendly and he makes it very easy to learn. I completely recommend him if you struggle in maths! > > The above review was written by my 17 year old son who has weekly lessons with Micheal at Air Maths. Just the difference in his attitude is amazing. He looks forward to his lessons and says that he learns so much more with Micheal as he explains everything so well. I am really happy to see this in my son and I wholeheartedly recommend Air Maths.

Emma Hutchinson

Really pleased with the experience, effective communicator and went into granular detail, very interactive session with lots of useful exchanges and definitely recommend to anyone in need for extra lessons in preparation for exams.

Ibrahim Egbeyemi

Ever since my daughter joined air maths tution a few months ago she is enjoying the lessons and Michael is making a level maths easier. I recommend everyone to join his classes as it is good value and beneficial in the long term.

Rolora Ramada

Was struggling a lot with A level Math preparation because of the teaching at my college and the tutor I had at the time. When I switched to having sessions with Mike, I felt that my ability in Math started to improve rapidly and in the end was much better prepared for the final exams. Would definitely recommend.


Michael is really supportive and always checking up on me to see how i am doing. very organised and positive which affected my maths in school a lot.

Nadia Azzam

My brother originally hated maths and wasn’t that great at the subject. After finding Air Maths Tuition, since the beginning of the year, me and my brother have seen tremendous improvements in his maths grades! He now thoroughly enjoys the subject & is always looking forward to his tuition lessons with Michael! I would recommend this to any student who is studying GCSE & A level maths!


Excellent tutoring, very supportive and engages the student with him as a lesson. The lessons are fun and not boring and led very well with a choice of what to do also given to the student. I am very happy with the standard that is set

Maxwell Kimani

My two boys learn with Air Maths Tuiton. I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about whether it would be helpful for them, but they seem to be enjoying it, especially using the whiteboard. Their tutor has also been setting them homework to keep them busy after lessons. So far, I'm happy.

PeterDad of secondary school students.

Mike tutored my son for his maths A level this year. My son was getting Ds in his mocks and practice exams and thanks to Mike he achieved a B in a very challenging year for maths A level. My son got the place he wanted at uni in large part thanks to Mike. I also think Mike is particularly good with teenage boys. My son really got on well with him and that was a great motivator. Thanks so much Mike!!

Rob and Anne Burnett




Air Maths Tuition

One to one Maths Tuition - Bespoke learning

At Air Maths Tuition, we have extremely gifted and able tutors who offer private online maths tuition to students at all levels including 11+,13+, KS2-KS3, GCSE, and IGCSEs, A-level and Further Maths, MAT and STEP exam preparation and IB Standard Level and Higher Level. Our online maths tutors go through a rigorous interviewing process, where we assess their communication skills, qualifications, expertise, and ensure that they have the right motivations to support your child. All our tutors are DBS checked.

We tailor our one to one sessions so that they fit perfectly with a student's ability, learning traits, and even personality. With regular feedback, and enhanced learning through online tuition, our tutors and students rarely miss their targets.

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Air Maths Tuition

Small live online Classrooms

At Air Maths Tuition, our students learn in interactive online classes, from an experienced tutor in the convenience of their homes. Our moodle integration means that you can log into our lessons with easy access, view recorded videos, and get prompt feedback on your homework.

Our classrooms are small, which means that our students have the opportunity to ask questions about their weakest topics. We cover a range of topics in the British Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to Key Stages 5. From fractions, decimals, times tables in Year 3 to worded problems, ratios, shapes, integration, vectors, connected particles in Year 13, we will cover all the topics your child needs to have a quality education.

Our tutors and online tools help to get students more involved in lessons and ultimately strengthen their skills in Mathematics.

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Air Maths Tuition

Affordable Rates

At Air Maths Tuition, we believe that quality tuition should not be a premium service only for the wealthy. As a result,  we offer students the best online maths tutors in the Uk and extra support from just £10 hour!

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Air Maths Tuition

Assessment and Success

Our students see significant improvements after having just 10 lessons with us. 90% of our students attain A*-B with all our students achieving their target grades.

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