Primary School ICT and Computing

At the Primary school level, the computing curriculum can be broken down into 3 strands: Computer science, Information technology, and Digital literacy.

We aim to spark interest in ICT and Computing at a young age, with our engaging tutoring lessons for Years 3-6. We work to build each student’s confidence and give them the courage to ask questions in class.


Topics include:

  • Computing systems and networks
  • Algorithms
  • Data and information
  • Creating media (inc sounds and graphics)
  • Programming


Topics include:

  • Basic graphing
  • Research, gather, and interpret information using online sources
  • Typing
  • Using Excel, Google sheets, Word and Google Docs
  • Presentations using PowerPoint, Prezi, or Adobe

Digital literacy

Topics include:

  • Understanding search engines
  • Navigating websites
  • Pros and cons of the internet and media
  • Compare online and offline apps
  • Understand how the internet and search engines work