Primary Maths

Spark interest in maths at a young age, with our courses for Years 3-6. We work to build each student’s confidence and give them the courage to ask questions in class.

We also build the foundations for successful SATs and help students attain the results they need for high set placement in Year 7. For those working toward grammar/ private school entry exams, we’re on hand to help too.

At Air Maths we go further than just the key topics. Our students learn the reasoning skills and exam techniques to excel at the even the most challenging of questions.


Topics include:

  • Order, partition, and round numbers to three decimal places
  • Negative numbers
  • Factors and multiples


Topics include:

  • Basic algebra (taught in Year 6)
  • Use of brackets, including BODMAS  

Ratio and Proportion

Topics include:

  • Know equivalents between decimals, fractions and percentages
  • Problems involving decimals, fractions and percentages

Geometry and Measures

Topics include:

  • Read and plot coordinates
  • Measure and draw acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles
  • Symmetry

Probability and Statistics

Topics include:

  • Calculate the mean, median and mode average, plus the range (the mean will be taught in Year 6)
  • Understand probability
  • Draw and interpret line graphs, bar charts, pie charts and pictograms