Online Maths Tutor

Having gained a BSc Hons degree in
mathematics and physics, I taught mathematics
for 12 years, as a schoolteacher at secondary
level, and as a lecturer in further education
colleges in London. I have taught all the way
from Key Stage 3 up to A level Maths.

Since leaving teaching I have become a
publishing professional based in Oxford, UK, and
to date have over 20 years’ experience in the
industry, offering services to educational
publishing houses including research and
consultancy. I have worked in a number of major
educational publishing houses including Oxford
University Press, as well as with major exam
boards, and have produced a substantial quantity
of textbooks and digital resources, as well as
qualifications. I am also a published author of
reference books designed to encourage public engagement in mathematics, and to
improve understanding of the subject.

I believe that my experiences working in educational publishing, built on a solid
career in teaching, have given me a unique insight into how to convey mathematical
topics effectively, so that they can be understood conceptually and enjoyed rather
than just learned by rote.

Throughout my career I have been committed to inclusion in education, and the idea
that people learn in different ways.