Online Maths Tutor

I’m a maths loving, fully UK qualified maths teacher. An Imperial College and Cambridge University graduate, I have 20+ years experience

I am a very approachable, patient, skilled and enthusiastic individual with a now over 25-year career as a Mathematics teacher and tutor.My strengths are in secondary school education from Year 7 upwards, with a particular specialize in GCSE/iGCSE and A-level teaching of multiple syllabuses.

As a classroom teacher and now as a tutor, I have been responsible for planning and teaching whole syllabuses, including for students who are studying outside school. My teaching approach uses early introduction of exam questions to encourage students to apply knowledge and form connections between topic areas thereby developing a deeper understanding of the subject. I am highly invested in building every student’s confidence and have always made myself approachable for any questions or concerns, and my strong interpersonal skills allow me to quickly build and sustain a rapport with students and their parents.

Throughout my career I have consistently prided myself on helping my students achieve outstanding results with the majority of my pupils achieving a level 8 or 9 at GCSE, and A and A* grades at A-level. Those students that were predicted lower grades at the start of the syllabus usually exceed and outperform expectations by at least one or two grade boundaries.

As a modern educator, I am always conscious of the need to evolve my teaching practices and style in order to keep my students engaged and making as much progress as they are capable of. I have been incorporating online technology such as Zoom and OpenBoard to offer my students more flexibility with their studies, whilst maintaining an interactive learning environment. It would be a privilege to work for an organization such as Crimson Global Academy where technology is being utilized to accelerate learning for driven students who want to achieve their full potential.

I have worked a diverse students cohort: from those looking to take entrance exams, to those seeking more efficient and intensive revision, to Oxbridge candidates preparing for admissions tests, or bridging the gap in moving from schools abroad to the mainstream UK secondary school curriculum. I have even taught a policeman towards his professional exams