ICT and Computing-GCSE and Middle Years Program

In years 10-11, students progress to a more advanced level. Although GCSEs and IB MYP are the focus, we keep our teaching fun and engaging, allowing students to explore the use of technology by creating algorithms, programs and using real-world data.

Our tutors have vast experience with all major exam boards including, Edexcel, OCR, AQA, and Cambridge Papers. We cover exam technique, and revision tips and provide information on useful resources.

At Air Maths we go further than just the key topics. Our students learn the reasoning skills and exam techniques to excel at the even the most challenging of questions.

Here are some interesting topics studied at GCSE and IB MYP.

GCSE ICT and Computing

Some topics include:

  • The tools and techniques that can be used to initiate and plan solutions
  • How data and information can be collected, stored and used
  • Factors to be considered when collecting and processing data and storing data/information
  • The different methods of processing data and presenting information
  • Select and present information to meet an identified need
  • How to carry out an iterative review
  • Project life cycle