Online Maths Tutor

I have extensive experience teaching secondary school Mathematics (KS3/4) in supportive roles and as a private tutor. My drive for when I begin teacher training for the 2021/22 academic year is striving towards being a specialist for A-level Mathematics (KS5).

My aim is to boost the self-esteem of every student who harbors a sense of dismay around the subject of Mathematics. As the tutor, it is my duty to listen to the student and diagnose the root of their trouble. I will forever do my utmost to openly exhibit the array of techniques Mathematics has to offer us in order to equip every student with enough confidence to speak up and ask, “hey, can you help me with this, please?” I believe step-by-step we can learn how to overcome and begin to finish the race at our own pace. So long as a student is equipped with a pencil, paper and an inquisitive mind that is set on learning, I hope every student will walk away from my tutoring sessions academically fulfilled and begin to navigate their own path towards maintaining an improving grade.

“But I very much believe that anyone can learn anything, as long as it is explained clearly enough” ~Raffi Grinberg, Real Analysis Lifesaver

I have always tailored my delivery to suit the needs of the student. The topics covered in Mathematics for most school curriculums do not differ drastically. But what does have a lasting impression for those who hold any apprehension towards the subject is making the lesson intrinsically derived from their passions. Because Mathematics is everywhere. It is up to us educators to enlighten and embolden their world with how much Mathematics is involved in their innate interests. This wonder of discovery awaits every student. No matter how they regard their perceived natural ability towards numeracy.