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If you are anything like me, you’d much rather play games than completing worksheets and doing projects. So why not find cool maths games that can assist your learning and shoot two birds with one stone.

However, to pull this off you’ll have to make sure you can

Luckily we can help you with both. So let’s not delay any further.

How can cool maths games help you learn

The short of this is that you learn more if you enjoy the process. It’s simple. Making learning fun not only motivates students but also helps them pay attention and increases their focus. Students spend so much time sitting in front of books or in classes that games are a great way to stimulate other areas of the brain as well as get them to enjoy the process.

The truth is, not everyone learns the same way. Some people learn better through visual stimulation, others through doing. In fact, there are many styles of learning.

Certain foundation cognitive skills are key to success in maths. You might wonder, what are cognitive skills? Cognitive skills are those mental processes our brains use to understand, systematise, store and apply information. Maths has so many facets and levels of complexity that these cognitive processes are quite varied.

These skills include:

The relationship between visual-spatial processing and success in maths has long been supported through research and established in research.

You can imagine how games can help develop visual processing skills for one. The same goes for memory, reasoning and even planning. Now I’m not exactly talking about Fortnite or Mario, but rather the more educational varieties.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Albert Einstein

Examples of Some Cool Maths Games

As explained above, there are various processing skills that are important for success in maths. Therefore, developing those skills would in effect improve your success in maths. Not all of these skills are based on pure math functions either, but rather developing the skills necessary for success in maths.

1. Lumosity

That is why my go-to ‘brain game’ will always be Lumosity. It might not solely be a maths game, but there are maths-related games on it. There are currently 50+ games on Lumosity.

They include games to develop:

With Lumosity you get a rounded workout. There are free or premium subscription options and a very handy app to go with it. These games are suitable for all ages and you can do a quick workout on a daily basis. The app will then also give you stats on your performance.

Find the odd one out
Basic Calculations

2. Math Playground

If you are revising or buckling down later than others, don’t worry. Don’t compare yourself to others, this is your life, not theirs. I honestly believe it is never too late to make a difference. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN THE PRESENT!

I know right now, it feels like this is the most important stage of your life, it is not.

It is the most important stage of your life, so far as it can unlock doors in the future.

However, please believe that no one knows what the future holds. You can only give yourself the best opportunities by doing your best. There are many ways to succeed and as long as your mindset is strong, you can overcome anything.

3. MathsFrame

Although these might seem like silly games, they are great for catching up on those basic skills that will only help with your success in maths. Games for young and old. Not only does MathsFrame host some cool maths games, but they also have some great resources to catch up on those foundation skills.

Although the desktop versions of these games are free, there are iPad apps available at a nominal fee. Test your timetables, do a basketball shootout, sorting 2D or 3D shapes on a Venn diagram, bar charts and much much more.

4. CoolMaths Games

Various great games. Various categories including:

Definitely, a favourite of mine here is the problem-solving game, Fireboy & Watergirl. With 5 levels, each consisting of around 32 games, it is a brilliant two-player game for the desktop. Great to develop those logical thinking skills.

Fireboy & Watergirl game

4. Math Quiz from Education Quizzes for GCSE Maths

These are some great quizzes for you to practice your math skills. Various levels ranging from GSCE, A-Levels and University. Although not games as such these can provide you with great practice.

5. Math Zone

Last, but not least, Mathzone offers a great variety of games covering different foundational concepts.

Never underestimate the benefits of some of these simpler games, even if you are doing GCSE or A-Level maths. All complex subject matter has a foundation in these simpler foundational skills. Plus they can be lots of fun.

We love making learning fun. Why not join us, we can’t wait to help you get the A you deserve

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