Why Invest in Online Maths Tuition in 2019/2020

I get this question quite often. Why invest in online maths tuition, or any tuition for that matter? Let’s start by having a look at why maths tuition might help you reach your full potential.

Well, success in maths depends on constant practice. You may have all the books and think that all you need to do is practice and you’ll be fine. However, sadly things don’t always work out like that. Sometimes you miss some simple concept and everything becomes overwhelmingly difficult. You just need some help and everything will fall into place. This is where tuition can come to your rescue.

Why would you need maths tuition

Think about this analogy.

Buying a spinning bike doesn’t mean I’ll be spinning every day. However, when I’ve booked and paid for my spinning classes I’m going to make sure I attend. Although I might be dragging myself to the class, I make sure to be there and inevitably I am very happy that I did it after the class. Even though my legs might be a little shaky for a while…

Maths practice is the same. You might have all the books and notes from lessons, but are you motivated and confident enough to take the time to do the work?

By having scheduled ‘after school classes’ you are in a way ‘forced’ to sit down and make it happen. You also get to choose the tutor that works best for you. Just like you can choose the spinning class instructor that you identify with more, your chosen tutor should inspire you and help you see solutions to your problems.

There is of course also the argument that tuition should happen in the classroom. So why would you need the extra input and expense?

My short answer is that the classroom is not always the best place for learning, unfortunately. Yes, we all know that that is why you go to school/Sixth Form, but there are different factors that can impair learning within the classroom.

Whatever the case is, maths tuition could give you the push you really need to achieve the grades you deserve.

There is, of course, the traditional one-on-one tuition model, but there is also another option. Online maths tuition.

When parents hear the word ‘online’ they always seem to be sceptical initially. Maybe it is because it is a foreign concept for many. Perhaps they have concerns about online safety. The perceptions vary, but when they try it, they are often amazed at all the benefits.

Let me tell you how and why online maths tuition is so effective.

What makes online maths tuition better

There are many benefits that make online tuition the natural choice and in some ways so much better than the one-to-one option.

1. Convenience

This is probably the most apparent of all. Especially on the dark, cold, wet winters days. You wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but you could even attend one of our group online maths tuition classes from a coffee shop or on your bus ride home from school.

As a part of our online maths tuition, we provide 24/7 support. So even after tuition hours, you can contact us via our live members chat, email and WhatsApp to help you with that question you are struggling with when you need it.

2. Resources

As part of our online maths classes, you will have access to the class notes afterwards. All meetings and calls are recorded for future reference. You even get to watch videos for the lessons you miss.

You will also receive homework once a week. This will be hand-marked and helpful feedback provided.

By using Bitpaper we also provide you with access to some great resources through their software. It can be used to pull up millions of resources and exam papers from around the web in seconds.

3. Reasonable price

As we can provide tuition to a group of students virtually, we are able to keep prices reasonable at only £50 per week for 5 hours of tuition.

This while saving you time and cutting out travel expenses.

Our classrooms are also smaller and are much more personalised than in typical school classrooms.

4. Online maths tuition has an added tech element

We use an app called Zoom for all classes and introductory calls.

Zoom is a fantastic web-based platform used by many teachers and businesses today for tuition and virtual communication.

It provides superior audio, visual and internet quality as well as recording these online sessions.

This all with the added benefit of anonymity as students have their cameras and microphones muted at the beginning of lessons. They have the option to be seen or heard, only when and if they want to.

A great benefit of the tech element is that it also provides great feedback as to attendance and even engagement, following eye movement.

In addition to that, we use a virtual blackboard/whiteboard through Bitpaper.

Using these various applications might just be an extra skill to learn from this process.

It is also recommended to use either of the following tablets:

Feedback from our former and current students show that they absolutely love using these products and it helps to boost engagement.

5. Safety

Yes, you read that correctly. Our online environment is extremely safe.

We have a private (recorded) Zoom conversation with every new student. We do this is to not only ensure we know exactly who is in our class, but also to establish rapport and get to know more about what you need from our lessons. If a video can’t be arranged, proof of identification is a must.

We also provide our students with weekly surveys and strive to provide the best possible service to help you achieve the best possible results. All this without even having to leave home.

Above all our online maths tuition environment is safe, flexible and built on respect. The weekly survey helps us keep on top of your expectations and experience so that we can provide the best possible learning environment.

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