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We are a small but effective team that provides after school online tutoring, specialising in A Level, IB Diploma Programme and Foundation Mathematics.

Two A-Level Maths Divisions

Academy division – Due to higher demand, we run our Edexcel, OCR and AQA courses as an online academy. Here we follow a strict calendar schedule that has specifically been created to mirror each respective course curriculum.

Bespoke division – Separate to our online academy, we offer IB Diploma and Foundation Mathematics as a more bespoke tutoring service. These lessons are structured similar to the academy, but the order in which we teach certain topics are determined by the students.

Air Maths Tuition

In past years, we have found a real passion and expertise teaching A-level, IB and Foundation Mathematics online in small groups (of about 6-8) predominantly in the UK. We have developed what we feel is the right formula for success and feedback from both students and parents have been exceptional. More recently, technology has enabled us to expand our global reach. Therefore we’ve now started to help more students in UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Air Maths Tuition Mission & Motivation

Our mission is to help students globally to achieve excellence in Mathematics and education by constantly adapting our teaching methods and tools to increase engagement and interaction.

With the new linear courses introduced in 2017 by Edexcel, OCR, and AQA, it’s probably fair to say that many students have found it harder to adapt to these changes. More students are asking for help with major topics such as integration, projectiles, hypothesis testing, vectors etc. But the problem isn’t just that these topics have ‘got harder’. Rather it’s the fact that skills acquired in the linear programme can be called upon at any given period in the exam. For example, how were you supposed to know that you were meant to use a geometric series in a Statistics paper??!!

Gaining a holistic understanding has probably been the biggest challenge for students. As a result, we’ve seen a drastic decline in student performance, with the number of A’s and A*s in June 2019 Maths exams falling to a 12 year low. Students need what I like to call a ‘cross-sectional knowledge’ to do well in these exams.

With change comes opportunity

We view the changes in the course structure as more of an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over other students. Our primary focus at Air Maths Tuition is to train our students in a unique way that will give them the correct exposure they need and help them gain a more holistic understanding of this new beast.

Online A-level Maths Tuition – What’s your Style?

Very unique in our opinion. We teach with the ‘topic of the day’ in one hand and the course specification in the other. This means that we’re therefore always working in line with each respective examining body. We focus on specifics of what examiners are looking for.

Exposure is an integral part of our teaching principles. Therefore we spend a lot of time on examples, helping students to recognise and answer different types of questions. We also constantly draw parallels between different topics which helps to gain a more holistic understanding.


At Air Maths Tuition, we believe that technology will be the next major advance in education. Not only has it allowed us to teach over several locations, but it also contributes to student engagement and learning impact. This article by Edtech is an honest review of how tech is changing the educational landscape.

To that extent, we also do all our operations online. Right from teaching to providing and marking homework. Online tutoring provides an excellent gateway for the deeper levels of support that students really need and pay for.

A-Level Maths offerings from Air Maths Tuition

We are ultra student-focused. We therefore have our very own Learning Management System called ‘Student dashboards’. They are very user-friendly and give our students unlimited access to a wide range of online and offline resources including:

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These can all be accessed via PC or tablet or phone. We offer these services all at extremely affordable rates!

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