Our track record
speaks for itself

We measure our performance
simply by our students' results.

Air Maths Tuition

95% Success Rate

We measure our performance simply by our students' results.

We have a 95% success rate for students who learn with us and have helped students of all abilities. We define grades from A* to B as success.

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Air Maths Tuition


What sets us apart is the sheer amount of research we put into course specification, examiners reports, and how we constantly review and adapt the way we teach to make us relevant.

We are experts in trend spotting and drawing parallels between different topics. The overlaps we see helps us create resources for our students which are more cohesive and effective.

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Air Maths Tuition

Our Revision Material

We focus on delivering excellent online tuition as well as resources to our students.
Not only do we provide extremely clear lesson notes during tuition, but we produce content that is extremely candid and easy to understand.

When creating revision material, here are some of the things we take into consideration :
  • New spec course curricula and examinations
  • AS and GCSE(year 10) prerequisite
  • Exam techniques and keywords
  • Student common errors
  • Examiners reports
  • Potential Nuances

We cover all bases and give students everything they need to tackle challenging questions and get an A.

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Air Maths Tuition

Great Tutors

We have vast experience and fantastic exposure to all levels including 11+,13+, KS2-KS3, GCSE and IGCSEs, A-level and Further Maths, MAT and STEP exam preparation, and IB Standard Level and Higher Level. Our tutors have experience tutoring online and are passionate about delivering lessons in a professional and engaging manner.

For GCSE and A levels, our tutors have developed expertise in the new linear model for Edexcel, AQA & OCR, which was introduced in 2017.

At Air Maths Tuition, we understand the new specification inside and out. We know exactly what examiners are looking for. Our main focus is to ensure that students have a deeper understanding of the topics, which gives them an edge during the examination process.

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What Happy Students and Parents Says..

"The videos are really good and gave me with the convenience of learning at my own pace and in my own time. Everything is so well explained and I would recommend Airmaths to anyone who wants to do well in maths."

Sarah,A level Maths student from a UK Boarding school (OCR)

"For the sheer amount of lessons we got, the daily support and attention and the rigour in their approach, it seems like a no brainer to choose Air Maths Tuition as a cheaper but quality option.

Alistair,Father of A-Level Maths student in Wimbledon (AQA & OCR)

"Michael was one of the most intelligent students in class. He is ambitious and hard working and his mathematical training gave him the ability of learning new things effectively and solving problems he did not see before. At the time he took my course on Geometry, he would request meetings during which he would ask questions about the course. These were very good mathematical discussions and they often went beyond the material of the course."

Prof. Jarek Kedra,University of Aberdeen

"I'm really pleased with my results this year. Although I was predicted an A, the exams were really tough this year and I'm not sure I would have achieved this without Michael's help. We went through so many examples which definitely helped me in the final exam".

Anna,A-Level Maths student in (Ealing)

"Was struggling a lot with A level Math preparation because of the teaching at my college and the tutor I had at the time. When I switched to having sessions with Mike, I felt that my ability in Math started to improve rapidly and in the end was much better prepared for the final exams. Would definitely recommend."

Finn,A-Level Maths student in Hampstead