Year 7 and Year 8

At Air Maths Tuition we provide online
tutoring lessons for Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Private Maths Tuition

We offer one to one online lessons to support your child's specific needs.  Your child will work with an experienced Key stage 3 teacher who is passionate and has the expertise to deliver a professional online lesson.

Understanding your child's needs is something that our tutors take seriously especially at this pivotal stage in their learning. Our tutors will tailor their lessons to channel your child's strengths and fill their learning gaps.  They will also keep the lessons engaging using an interactive virtual environment

All our tutors are also DBS checked.

We ensure that we match you with a tutor who is committed to developing your child's skills throughout their academic careers.

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Online group Tuition

We offer small group classes for year 7 and 8 students. Our classes are designed to help our students learn effectively while giving them an opportunity to interact with their like-minded peers.

For some students, the step from Key Stage 2 to Key stage 3 is steep. It may be your child's first time learning about maths topics such as probability and algebra. But our able tutors can help to support your child in a way that encourages them to think more creatively.

In our online classes, we mirror the Key Stage 3 curriculum followed by many UK Schools.  Our plans are to ensure that your child learns meaningfully, but also enjoys learning with us. They will get to take part in solving puzzles, quizzes, challenges and we like to encourage your child to work in small teams.

Our lessons are scheduled for 3-4 pm every day.

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Meetings with the Tutor!

For some parents, online tutoring may be something new. Therefore we expect that you may have questions to ask about online learning and how we can support you at Air Maths Tuition. If you would like to organize a meeting with the tutor to find out how the lessons will work, you can book a free online call here.

Refer a sibling - Our family discounts are 25% off the standard rate

Contact us for more information at or call 0208 434 0644

We take online safety very seriously. All our tutors are DBS certified and fully trained to co-ordinate our classes online.
Click here to see our online safety measures for young students.