Online Maths Tutor

I am a Maths graduate with a strong passion for the subject, offering lessons in GCSE Maths
(including Further Maths and Additional Maths) and A-level Maths (including Further
Maths). I can also help with preparing for the university Maths entrance exams (MAT and
STEP). Maths was not a subject that I found easy to learn, but the thrill I felt after
successfully solving a problem was second to none. I worked extremely hard to achieve high
A*s in both A-level Maths and Further Maths, then spent four years at university studying
maths extensively.

Having gone through the sometimes stressful course of study, revision and examination, I
started to think about how I can ease students’ mathematical learning. Studying maths
requires a lot of effort, but I will guide students in the right direction and help them develop
an effective learning habit. I started training with Teach First in September 2020, and since
then, I have been working as a full-time Maths teacher at a disadvantaged secondary school
in the North West. I achieved the QTS in June 2021 and is about to start the second year of
the PGDE course at the University of Manchester. This teaching experience has enhanced
my skills in motivating students and building confidence.

Whether you need a little push to get the best grades or become more confident at maths, I
will tailor my lesson to best match your learning needs. My goal is to let students believe
that everyone can do Maths!

Alongside my passion for maths, I am also a pianist and was once accepted by the Royal
College of Music to study piano performance as an undergraduate student.