Online Maths Tutor

Whilst I achieved high grades in my examinations, I did not do so by simply turning up and writing my name at the top of the paper. There were times when I also struggled to understand certain concepts or was not sure how to structure my answers and sought the help of professional tutors to help me get to where I wanted to be. Therefore, I am well acquainted with the frustration and anxiety that can sometimes come along with needing extra support.

I seek to foster a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to question, explore, use reasoning skills and approach tasks creatively. I strive to develop an atmosphere of active participation and strong student engagement, building good relationships in order to get the best out of my students. I believe the tutor must always leave space for the child to independently grapple with questions or ideas at hand, while scaffolding assistance, rather than feeding the student information. My sessions will be focused and interconnected with the overarching learning objective, but students will also be learning to organise information, improve learning habits and study skills, and, of course, have moments of levity as they enjoy the learning process!

Outside teaching, I am a huge fan of cycling. I regularly ride 20km and enjoy the open air.