School Partnerships

We provide education and
Mathematics support for UK and
International Schools who adopt the
British Curriculum System.

Air Maths Tuition

School Intervention

The demands for schools to be able to meet and surpass national educational standards are growing.

This places great pressure on schools and principals to provide their students with the best and most experienced teachers which can greatly contribute to student success.

This is where Air Maths Tuition comes in. As your partner, we will work closely with your Mathematics department to create and execute a tailor-made plan for your students. Our tutors have the expertise and the charisma to inspire students and fill in the gaps where necessary.

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Air Maths Tuition

Free Revision Material

Part of our offering as your partner is free revision material which has been created by some of the leading Mathematics experts in the industry.

Our revision sheets and checklists make it easier for students to revise.

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Air Maths Tuition

Online Safety and Data Protection

We also have built-in safeguarding measures in place to ensure student data protection and that all students work in a safe environment.

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Air Maths Tuition

Transparency and Reporting

We believe that transparency is essential for the best working partnerships. Hence we provide you with regular reporting about students progress and attendance and have built-in tracking systems which do so.

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What Happy Students and Parents Says..

"The videos are really good and gave me with the convenience of learning at my own pace and in my own time. Everything is so well explained and I would recommend Airmaths to anyone who wants to do well in maths."

Sarah,A level Maths student from a UK Boarding school (OCR)

"For the sheer amount of lessons we got, the daily support and attention and the rigour in their approach, it seems like a no brainer to choose Air Maths Tuition as a cheaper but quality option.

Alistair,Father of A-Level Maths student in Wimbledon (AQA & OCR)

"I was initially skeptical about having lessons in a group online but it just felt like me and the tutor the whole way through. Mike is an exceptional tutor, who literally helped boost my grade by about 50%! He's really inspiring and great to work with."

Arad,Foundation maths student from UAE