Buddy up lessons

Our new Buddy up lessons allow you to create
your own small online class at our cheapest rates.

Create your own class with a buddy

--Buddy up--

Would you prefer your child to do lessons with their friends? Then our buddy up lessons might be just right for you.

This new service allows you to create your own online classroom for your child at our cheapest rates of £10/hr.  And even better, they can work with other students they already know and are more comfortable with.

Create your own class

How it works

Our buddy up lessons work just like our normal group lessons and will ultimately help your child improve in maths. The only difference is that you can choose your own time slots for the group lessons.

We will handle matching you with the right tutor and scheduling all lessons so that you know exactly where to click to join a live lesson. So you have nothing technical to do.

We require a minimum of 3 students and 3 lessons per week in order to create your own classroom, so we would recommend that you discuss suitable times with other parents before making a request to create a classroom.

Our experienced tutors will be fully committed to offering regular sessions at your desired time. We'll only assign this role to tutors/teachers with significant experience teaching classrooms or small groups.

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Benefits of studying with a friend.

At Air Maths Tuition our tagline is...Interact, Engage, and Perform.

We have proven that when you can engage a child, they learn more effectively and the desired results follow. To achieve this, we use various tools to make lessons as interactive as possible so that learning with us is not just a lesson, but a meaningful experience.

During recent months, we have seen that learning with a friend is a great way to encourage interaction between students.

Here are some benefits of learning with a friend:

  • It creates a routine
  • Increases learning and retention
  • Makes studying fun
  • Your child can compare notes with peers
  • It builds workplace skills
  • It encourages a teamwork spirit
  • It can boost relationships
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Refer a sibling - Our family discounts are 25% off the standard rate

Contact us for more information at info@airmathstuition.com or call 0208 434 0644

We take online safety very seriously. All our tutors are DBS certified and fully trained to co-ordinate our classes online.
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