Meet the best Maths tutors in the UK

We don’t just hire anyone. We have exceptional tutors who are highly skilled in delivering online maths lessons.

All our tutors:

  • Are vetted for excellence in both Maths and online learning
  • Have at least a 2:1 BSc degree or Teaching qualification
  • Have a passion to help you succeed
  • Have enhanced DBS certificate
  • Have great communication skills
  • Are friendly and easy to work with.


  • 1st Class honours in BEng Chemical Engineering
  • 5 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Recipient of being in the top 5% highest achievers in 3rd year
  • Great motivator and results-driven


  • 19 years teaching experience
  • Bsc Mathematics & Psychology (Hons) and PGCE in Secondary Mathematicsteaching/tutoring Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Examination Marker for Edexcel
  • Uses a Growth Mindset approach to help students reach their potential


  • BSC (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics
  • Qualified UK teacher, with 12 years’ teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • 20+ years of creating engaging maths resources for the classroom
  • Aptitude for developing skills and confidence in students of all abilities


  • First Class honours degree in Mathematics
  • 10 years of tutoring experience.
  • Resource provider at ExamSolutions
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​CPD accredited – Online safety
  • Portfolio of over 200 testimonials

Ruby Ngoc

  • First Class honours Degree in BSc Mathematics (UCL)
  • 6 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​A Gold in the Mathematical Challenge
  • A Certificate of Distinction in Senior British Mathematical Olympiad


  • Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education
  • UK Qualified Teacher Status
  • 14 years Teaching Experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Enthusiastic and Engaging Tutor


  • 3 years of tutoring experience
  • Maths olympiad winner
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Teaching 11+ and GCSEs
  • Interactive and engaging tutor


  • 2000 hours of private tuition
  • 5 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​BSc degree in Mechanical engineering
  • Teaching all levels including 11+,13+ GCSEs/IGCSEs, A-Levels and IB

Michael C

  • PhD in Physical Chemistry
  • Qualified UK teacher (PGCE)
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​20+ years of teaching and tutoring.
  • Specialise in confidence building.

Thuy Nhi

  • BSc in Mathematics from Exeter University
  • Six years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Passionate about Maths
  • Highly motivated and results-focused

Var Sha

  • B. Sc(Hons)  in Computer Science
  • PGCE in Secondary Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​15 years of tutoring ecperience
  • Patience

Michael J

  • Msc in Mathematics
  • 7 Years of the teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Analysis
  • Communication

Dr Raman

  • B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA., MTM., PGDMM., Ph.D.(HC) degree qualifications
  • 17 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Passionate for education and continuous learning
  • Motivator and mentor


  • First Class Honours Education Degree in PE and Maths
  • 20 Years Teaching Experience in Primary and Secondary Settings
  • Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Trained
  • Confidence, Skills and Exam Technique
  • Patient and Flexible Approach


  • First Class Honours Degree Bachelors of Dental Surgery
  • Experience with 11+ and 13+ exams
  • Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Trained
  • Organised
  • Problem Solving


  • BSc Accounting & Finance from the LSE
  • GDip in Mathematics with Merit, University of London
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • Accounting Examiner for University of Cambridge
  • 5 Years professional tutoring experience (11+ – A-Level)


  • First Class Honours Degree Bachelors in Engineering
  • Certificate for professional qualification of teaching in Mathematics and Informatics
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​9+ years of teaching and tutoring.
  • Teaching Sat’s, 11+ and 13+


  • First Class degree in Economics
  • 15 years teaching experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Head of Department
  • Expert at engaging all ages and abilities online

Adam C

  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education
  • BSc Mathematics with Honours
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Experienced and passionate teacher and tutor
  • Deep understanding of misconceptions in learning maths


  • MSc in Mathematics and PG certificate in Actuarial Science
  • 10 years of experience teaching A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​PGCE in Secondary School Mathematics
  • 4 years experience as an exam content writer for the NCUK exam board


  • Chartered mathematician and OFQUAL subject to expert for mathematics.
  • 25 years experience teaching and tutoring.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Educated to Masters level.
  • Specialise in GCSE, Functional Skills, IGCSE, and A level.


  • BSc in Mathematics and Construction
  • Passionate Maths tutor for over 10 years with 1,000 + hours of maths tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified ​
  • All ages and KS1 to KS5
  • Fun and interactive bespoke lessons with proven success rate


  • Professional mathematician.
  • 15+ years of tutoring experience.
  • Oxbridge entry and STEP Exam preparation.
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate tuition.
  • Able to deliver bespoke courses on specialist topics.


  • First-class Oxford University graduate with 10 years of teaching experience
  • Primary maths specialist and content writer for AirMaths
  • Extensive experience preparing students for End of KS2 tests and Common Entrance exams.
  • Passionate about creating engaging resources that enthuse, inspire and challenge students.
  • Excellent knowledge of UK curriculum and effective teaching pedagogies.


  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Bsc Business, Technology and Mathematics
  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​25 years experience of teaching mathematics


  • Mathematics Graduate with Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Accomplished online teacher
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Lead Teacher of Mathematics for A-Level Mathematics
  • Lead Teacher of Mathematics for Students with Special Educational Needs


  • BSc Mathematics at King’s College London
  • Teaching all years up to University Level
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​6 years of tutoring experience
  • Scored 100% in a A-Level Maths module


  • MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Have volunteered with children with special needs for 7 years
  • MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol
  • Passionate about educating the younger generation


  • First Class Science Graduate
  • Experienced Tutor with over 5 years of tutoring experience
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Worked with students from as far as Dubai, Malaysia and Russia.
  • Previously a Graduate Examiner for a major UK exam board


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Expert in all entrance exams and SAT maths
  • Teaching KS3, KS4, KS5 as well as GCSEs O, A level and IBs


  • 25 years experience
  • Taught at levels for primary to A level
  • Enhanced DBS Certified.
  • Know how to meet the needs of the pupils
  •  I am good at helping and supporting students to solve problems, such as homework and assignments.


  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Over 25 years experience teaching/tutoring Maths
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • ​Specialist in GCSE, IGCSE, & Functional Skills Maths
  • Experience as an OCR Maths Examiner


  • Chartered Rocket Scientist Engineer (CEng) with over 17 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching all levels including KS1-4, 11+ exams, IGCSE, IAL.
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • Experienced External maths examiner, marked over 10,000+ papers.
  • Extensive Experience of Online teaching through interactive online tools